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Discover Your Kitchen Design Style with Our Quiz

What is your kitchen design style? Here is a quick quiz you can take to find your style.

1. What ambiance are you aiming for in your kitchen?

a) Clean and minimalist, with a focus on simplicity and functionality

b) Cozy and rustic, evoking a farmhouse charm

c) Elegant and timeless, with classic details and refined touches

d) Sleek and futuristic, showcasing cutting-edge design elements

2. Which color palette resonates with you the most?

a) Neutral tones like white, gray, and beige for a serene atmosphere

b) Warm and earthy hues such as brown, terracotta, and olive green

c) Soft and soothing pastels like light blue, blush pink, and mint green

d) Bold and vibrant colors like deep blue, emerald green, and burnt orange

3. What's your preferred kitchen layout?

a) Open concept with spacious areas and clean lines

b) Traditional layout with separate zones for cooking and dining

c) Galley kitchen with efficient use of space and plenty of storage

d) Contemporary layout with innovative features and high-tech appliances

4. Which material do you envision for your kitchen countertops?

a) Sleek and durable quartz for a modern touch

b) Warm and rustic butcher block for a farmhouse feel

c) Luxurious marble for an elegant touch of sophistication

d) Industrial-inspired concrete for a bold and unique look

5. What type of lighting would you prefer in your kitchen?

a) Recessed lighting for a clean and minimalist aesthetic

b) Pendant lights with vintage-inspired designs for a cozy ambiance

c) Chandeliers or sconces for a touch of elegance and grandeur

d) LED strip lights or track lighting for a contemporary and futuristic feel

6. How do you envision your kitchen flooring?

a) Polished concrete or sleek tiles for a modern look

b) Hardwood or reclaimed wood for a warm and inviting atmosphere

c) Classic ceramic or porcelain tiles for timeless elegance

d) Industrial-style concrete or stone for a bold and edgy statement

7. What's your preferred kitchen decor style?

a) Minimalist with clean lines and clutter-free surfaces

b) Farmhouse chic with rustic accents and vintage finds

c) Traditional with ornate details and classic furniture pieces

d) High-tech with smart appliances and futuristic gadgets

8. Which kitchen appliance is a must-have for you?

a) Built-in induction cooktop for a sleek and modern cooking experience

b) Farmhouse-style apron sink for a touch of rustic charm

c) Classic gas range with a double oven for versatile cooking options

d) Smart refrigerator with Wi-Fi connectivity and touchscreen interface


- Mostly A's: Congratulations! Your style is Minimalist, emphasizing simplicity and functionality in your kitchen design.

- Mostly B's: You lean towards a Rustic Farmhouse style, embracing warmth and vintage-inspired elements.

- Mostly C's: Your design preference aligns with Classic Elegance, focusing on timeless beauty and refined details.

- Mostly D's: You have a Modernist flair, gravitating towards sleek and high-tech features, and innovative design elements.

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