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Our Process

Spaces created to make memories

Our design process utilizes an approach that takes your wants and needs and creates a systematic approach to create a space where you will make memories for a lifetime. We can take our approach and create a design that you can implement on your own or we can be there for you from conception to completion. No matter which route you choose, our process involves various stages. Through these stages, we will understand user needs, generate ideas, and transform them into solutions that are just for you.

Our process involves several stages that will guide you through each stage of your project. Here is a general overview of the stages from start to finish:

1 - Initial Consultation:

The process begins with an initial meeting between FCP and you to discuss requirements, goals, and budget. We will gather information about your preferences, lifestyle, and any specific needs or challenges for the space. We will also get specific details about your current space, including dimensions to create your design.

2 - Concept Development:

We will develop a design concept based on the your input and requirements. This includes creating plans, elevations, and 3D imagery of your space. Color palettes, and gathering inspiration to establish the overall look and feel of the space will also be part of this stage.

3 - Space Planning:

The next step involves analyzing the space and developing a functional layout. We will determine the placement of all the elements to optimize the flow and functionality of the space. Consideration is given to factors such as traffic patterns, ergonomics, and accessibility.

4 - Design Development:

Once the concept and space plan are approved, we will further develop the design by selecting specific materials, finishes, furnishings, and accessories. This includes choosing flooring, wall treatments, lighting fixtures, window coverings, furniture, and decorative items. Updated floor plans, elevations, and 3D renderings will be developed.

5 - Construction Documentation:

Detailed construction documentation will be prepared, including drawings, specifications, and schedules. These documents outline the design elements, materials, and dimensions required for construction or implementation. They serve as a guide for contractors, suppliers, and other professionals involved in the project.

6 - Procurement:

We will assist the you in sourcing and purchasing the necessary materials, furnishings, and accessories. This may involve coordinating with suppliers, obtaining quotes, and overseeing the delivery and installation of items. Because this phase of the project can be quite complex, we will review your needs during the construction documentation phase.

7 - Implementation:

During the implementation phase, we will work with your contractors, tradespeople, and vendors to ensure that the design is executed according to the plans.


We also have the resources to visit the site to monitor progress, address any issues that arise, and make adjustments as needed. This is service that will also be discussed during the construction documentation phase.

8 - Styling and Finishing Touches:

Once the construction or installation is complete, we can assist you with styling and adding finishing touches to the space. This includes arranging furniture, selecting artwork, styling shelves, and accessorizing the space to create a cohesive and visually appealing environment. Again, this service will be discussed during the construction documentation phase.

9 - Project Completion:

During this phase, we will provide post-project support addressing any outstanding issues and offering guidance on maintenance and care. We can also conduct any final inspections for the project.

It's important to note that not all of these stages may be necessary for your project. The design process will vary depending on the project size, scope, and complexity. Additionally, collaboration and communication between the designer and the client are essential throughout the entire process to ensure a successful outcome.


Not all of these stages are included in the pricing shown on our web site. These packages are for basic services and include phases 1 - 5. If you would like to include more services, please contact us to discuss your needs and we will create a pricing package that matches your needs.

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